Don’t put your business growth on hold.

Is a lack of dedicated employees keeping you from reaching your company’s goals? RemoteStaff helps you find the right Filipino remote talent, so you can put your plans for growth in motion.

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Offshore Staffing Phillipines

Drive Business Productivity

Find a Filipino staff that will work as a natural extension of your team to fill in the necessary gaps in both your core and non-core processes and improve performance.

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Offshore Staffing Phillipines

Improve Operational Efficiency

Hiring Filipino remote workers can improve your business processes and help you exceed key performance metrics. Increase productivity and free yourself and your team up so you can invest in revenue-generating activities.
With more time, money, and energy, you can perfect processes and strategies for better:

Innovation and solutions

Customer experiences

Data management and analysis

Market share

More time for key functions

Offshore Staffing Phillipines

Overcome the growth burden.

When you hire Filipino workers, you’re investing in the productivity of your business. As you grow, you can add more employees, which helps you increase your team, and your ability to generate revenue.

Offshore Staffing Phillipines
Offshore Staffing Philippines

Hire the best customer
support candidates

One of the strongest skill sets of the Filipino workforce is customer service. We’ll recruit highly qualified support representatives, so you can effectively keep up with growing customer volume and demand, and accelerate growth.

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Find organized and diligent
back office administration

Every business has general administration duties. Let us find you a Filipino remote team of superstar back-office assistants that can take over the busywork of those essential system processes.

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Optimize your in-house
staff’s time and processes

Allow your in-house staff to focus on strategic and revenue-driving activities, while your Filipino remote team handles the day-to-day basics of their internal operations.


Tap into our network of
uniquely skilled candidates

With over 15+ years of experience working with Filipino teams, we’ve established a highly impressive and vast network of uniquely skilled talent. Let us assist you in recruiting the right worker for those roles that require a special level of expertise.


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Customer Support



Development & IT


Sales & Marketing


Writing & Translation


Design & Creative

Accounting & Bookkeeping


Engineering & Architecture


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HR & Training


Keep labor costs low, yet fair

We help you reduce labor costs by negotiating fair but competitive wages. We also take out the guesswork by taking care of administrative and payroll to comply with labor laws. Hiring a remote Filipino team can help you cut costs up to 70% while providing a livable wage to employees. It’s not just a livable wage, in that economic environment, they will be paid like any other professional from the Philippines…there money can go a long way, their pay, can pay for housekeepers, nannies, private schools…etc.

Offshore Staffing Philippines

Here’s what customers say about us

“When we first approached RemoteStaff, it was just before COVID-19 hit. We had considered outsourcing for our marketing needs, but didn’t know who to trust, nor did we quite understand the process or the potential of working with an offshore team. I was busy building my business and didn’t have a lot of time to focus on the recruitment process – let alone do the research on remote recruitment services.

RemoteStaff helped us fully understand the process, gain clarity on the roles we needed and what we were trying to accomplish, and they recognized the importance of the relationship dynamic within our team to find the right behavioral fit. One of our first hires was an Executive Assistant – who has become an essential contributor to our entire business and now must be replaced as they’re being promoted to a higher position within our company.

Since starting our working relationship with RemoteStaff, we’ve hired 14 Filipino remote workers for our marketing team, including back-office administrative assistants, digital marketing specialists, copywriters, marketing managers, graphic designers, data specialists, and more.

With the amazing team that RemoteStaff has recruited for us and their ongoing support in facilitating communication, we’ve been able to transform our business over the last few years. They’ve truly provided us with new opportunities for capacity and that’s what’s really exciting.”

Steve Torso

CEO & Founder of Wholesale Investor

Remote Staff is our go-to for all staffing needs

Our digital marketing agency was in need of an additional web developer and I was so happy to find Remote Staff. From the seamless navigation on their website to the recorded voices of each web developer and extensive, detailed resumes, I immediately reached out to the company. This is the only recruitment firm I've dealt with that's professional across the board. No matter who you are dealing with, everyone holds a high level of customer service, integrity and professionalism.

They are so responsive and far surpassed our expectations with their follow-ups, check-ins and most importantly, they are very experienced recruiters. Their recruitment process is so thorough from beginning to end with detailed behavioral questionnaires to pinpoint what you're looking for. We've grown and now have 3 amazing web developers on our team, all thanks to Remote Staff. Almira and Zion are the best!

Bridget O'Connor -

SMA Marketing

“We have been working with Remote Staff since 2013 and are very pleased with the their fine support over these years. The HR managers are well trained and quick to respond. We consider them to be an important part of our team and are grateful for their hard work.”

Alabama -

CEO of Tech company

Joined Remote Staff in February 2013

“If we expand, we will with Remote staff because we can't keep people at Tennessee who we pay $25 per hour long enough in the job. But we can with people we hire via Remote Staff at half the price who stay with our company over the long term.

Remote Staff, they take care of everything, all I do is pay the bill and train the people.

So for me, it's been a great experience, I have two people and they've never left. They work really hard, if I had any issue, I just call you guys I get an immediate response.

I also like the fact that your honesty. You only charge me for proven hours work and credit me back any hours not worked. What else could I ask for.”

Jill -

From Tennessee

CEO of a Security Products company

"We had staffing issues before we found Remote staff, I need my staff from the Philippines to understand important detailed instructions and to speak in perfect English and you know, I was so impressed.

You gave me vetted candidates to interview, in terms of thinking about what type of behavioral qualities and technical or whatever I need for the role was interesting, I've never done that, before. You guys have a unique hiring approach by utilizing behavioral and cognitive assessments to hire my staff via Remote staff."

Jason -

Marketing company owner

"You guys found me a capable CAD Drafter and now I have asked for skilled software engineering to work for our company via Remote Staff. You guys are not just a mere outsourcing company. You guys take remote working seriously as much as we do. You have a diversity of roles. I have been attended to my needs accordingly. Your staffing solutions have helped our company improve production. I am happy with the service."

Adi -

From Orlando Florida

CEO of a Tech company

"I’m an engineer and now a food industry business owner, half the battle is understanding the type of people I can hire from the Philippines and what would the right type of offshore staff member I need. You guys helped me hire the perfect business analyst staff I need for my business."


From Arizona

Owner of food business


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Offshore Staffing Philippines
Offshore Staffing Philippines
Offshore Staffing Philippines