Recruitment Fees

What is the Custom Recruitment offering?

The hiring of staff via Custom Recruitment is an exclusive hire through Remote Staff. These hires will work through our Remote Monitoring Technology and the staff will be paid via our HR, payroll, and compliance processing team.

Who does this offering serve?

Businesses that…

  • May want to hire specialty roles,
  • May want to limit the risk of a bad hire,
  • Don’t mind the upfront recruitment cost as they would rather reduce their ongoing OPEX cost.

How does the Remote Staff pricing work?

Remote staff rates are all-inclusive.

The rate covers Recruitment fees, ongoing After-hire support, Compliance , Payroll, use of Work Monitoring Technology, Philippine statutory payment for the staff, and staff member’s asking rate.

We are paid per hour and any un-worked hours due to absences of the staff are refunded back to you as a credit the following month.

Is the custom recruitment fee negotiable?

Yes, depending on the number of staff and type of staff you want to hire.

What happens if I do not end up hiring anyone after the 6-week recruitment period?

Unless you want to extend the 6-week recruitment period, you will receive 100% of your initial deposit as a credit to be used for one year, or it will be given to you upon request.

What happens if I end up filling the role myself within the 6-week recruitment period?

If you are able to hire a staff yourself within the 6-week recruitment period, please inform us, and we will re-evaluate how we will handle your initial deposit.


What makes Remote Staff different from other similar offshore staffing services?

There are 5,000 different types of suppliers out there. Every one of us has our own approach with providing staffing solutions. It is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. You have to go through the process of forming relationships with suppliers, understanding their business model, and understanding their focus.

At Remote Staff, our focus is to place people you would want to invest in, integrate into your business, and value as real members of your team. We mix traditional employment values with the offshore remote working landscape. One of our biggest ambitions is to provide you with staff you can be proud of having on your team. This is what we strive to do, and we are happiest with our service when we accomplish such results with the staff we hire for your business.

What can I expect when working with Remote Staff?

You will be working with a Filipino team, other than the Australian CEO and Founder. The rest of the team is made up of mostly Filipinos. We are planning on hiring American business developers and account managers in the future.

You can always expect great service from the Remote Staff team. After all, we are demonstrating our business model by servicing you with our Filipino remote working team.

How do I start working with my Filipino staff once I’ve hired somebody via Remote Staff?

First, you and your Filipino staff will log in to our remote monitoring technology. Then, your staff will be onboarded, and we’ll help them become familiar with our remote monitoring technology among other things.

You will be working directly with your Filipino staff. If they work full-time, rest assured that they will be exclusively working with you. Whether they work full-time or part-time, you will be able to make them an extension of your team.

Remote Staff will always protect your time, energy, and resources.

How would you describe Remote Staff in one sentence?

Remote Staff is an organization dedicated to helping you find a professional Filipino remote worker you can be proud of having on your team.

What if my business has a task-based or project-based staff member?

If you’re interested in hiring staff for a short-term project, then we are not the right fit for your needs. Yes, we can charge you the recruitment fee, and yes you can work with the staff for only one month, but this is not the focus of our service. Our ideal clients value staff retention and want their Filipino staff to be committed as an extension of their business.

After operating for 15 years, why did Remote Staff expand in the US?

Remote Staff founder, Chris Jankulovski, admires the American culture, its people, the American dream, the American way of doing things, the talent and capabilities, and the big business and small businesses of America. He likes how forward-thinking and sophisticated the business community in America is, and how ambitious Americans are.

After 15 years, Remote Staff has matured and grown, giving Chris and his wife Rica (the General Manager) the confidence to service the American market. Chris wants to strengthen American businesses as he has done with Australian businesses (Remote Staff has serviced more than 3,000 clients).

As an entrepreneur himself, he finds it fulfilling to help businesses succeed and grow. He likes to support his fellow entrepreneurs as he knows the sacrifices we are all making. He knows first-hand the risks we are all taking to start and grow our businesses. He wants to support the entrepreneurial spirit and for Remote Staff to become a partner they can count on and rely on. After all, we are all stronger together.

As a new customer, is there something I need to be aware of when working with Remote Staff?

Our invoices represent staff wages and benefits, so we encourage clients to pay invoices earlier in the month. Fortnightly payroll is very important to any worker, invoices are required to be paid in full within 5 business days of issue and no later than the 15th of every month.


Will I be able to succeed by hiring a Filipino remote worker for my business?

If you prepare and are involved with onboarding the staff properly, helping the staff work together with your team, providing training, building their confidence to deliver for you, equipping them with the right tools and skills, and integrating them well into your business, then the answer is yes.

However, remember that this is not a plug-and-play solution as we are dealing with people. In order to make our staffing solution work for you, you need to help the staff understand your business, your market position, and how you deliver your services.

An important tip: the more context the staff has, the faster they will develop and progress in their roles. As a result, you gain more profit and more growth for your business.

I’m new to offshoring, how will I know if this type of staffing strategy will work for my business?

You will know in a number of ways:

– Are you able to nurture/build your relationship with your Filipino staff? After all, offshoring starts with relationships, and Remote Staff lays the foundation for these relationships to be established. We work with you to cultivate and sustain trust. If you look after your Filipino staff, they will return your investment tenfold.

– The lifeblood of any business is its ability to increase productivity by the staff and systems. If your staff is productive, then they are advancing their capabilities as your business evolves and grows. If you can truly rely on your staff as you focus on other things, then that’s how you know that offshoring is working for your business.

What are your clients’ greatest concerns about hiring an offshore staff?

Typical concerns that our clients voice to us include time zone differences. At Remote Staff, we have our staff work on our clients’ time zone. We have a remote monitoring technology that ensures that the staff is working during their shift (the night shift)

They’ve also voiced a concern about being taken advantage of. However, with our remote monitoring technology, we can promote transparency and accountability. With this technology, we will be in the background as you and your staff work together.

Our clients also worry about privacy and intellectual property. Remote Staff works with a law firm in the Philippines and in America on a retainer.