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We’re not just a recruitment firm or PEO/EOR agency. We’re much more.

Offshore Staffing Philippines

Doing Global Good & Helping our Clients Do the Same.

Offshore Staffing Philippines

Since pledging to help employ thousands of remote workers back in 2007, we’ve worked hard to help businesses and virtual employees to not only achieve success together, but establish lasting and rewarding work relationships. We’re proud to say that over the last 15 years, we’ve helped thousands of employers grow their companies and provided secure employment for over 8,000 workers in the Philippines and look forward to expanding into other countries.

Establishing Trust

Offshore Staffing Philippines

Without employer-employee trust, improvements in productivity do not occur, remote team members might not believe in the vision of the company and they may not work in accordance with the company values or care enough to provide the best support. We build and maintain trust between American employers and Filipino remote workers to create an environment in which the working relationships can flourish over time.

Our Unique Advantages

Uniquely Skilled Candidate Base

No matter the role, we can staff it. We have access to an extensive network of the highest quality and uniquely skilled remote candidates.

15+ Years Experience

Remote staffing has been our forte long before the world caught on in 2020. We have spent years perfecting the process of hiring and retaining remote teams.

Deep Understanding of Both Cultures

We know the intricacies of both Filipino and American culture, which allows us to reconcile any differences and establish healthy work environments for everyone involved.

Your One Stop Shop

We handle everything so you don’t have to work with more than one recruitment or HR firm. We’ll help you hire and retain the best talent, all while taking care of the legal stuff like payroll, taxes, and more.

Filipino In-House Team

We are an excellent example of just how powerful our solutions are. We have a dedicated and experienced 100% Filipino in-house team of 90 staff in management roles, developers, HR professionals, accounting, finance, back office admin, marketing and business process improvement roles, all working together to support our clients and staff.

Mutually Beneficial Opportunities

For businesses, we offer a reliable, adaptive workforce that provides good value. For Filipino workers, we offer family-friendly conditions, job security and competitive wages. It’s a win-win.

Nationwide Hiring

Unlike most remote agencies, we hire nationwide in the Philippines. This means you have more access to the best talent, no matter where they live.

Offshore Staffing Philippines
Offshore Staffing Philippines
Offshore Staffing Philippines

Get started completely risk-free.

We see the immense value that hiring a Filipino remote workforce can provide for your business, and we know you’ll see it too. That’s why we’ve evolved our sign-up process to ensure you’re able to get started with zero risk and a hassle-free commitment.

Pay only USD $1,000 deposit to get started – which works as credit towards your first month’s invoice.

During the first 6 months, you can terminate with 2-weeks notice. After 6 months, you can terminate with 30-days notice.

If we do not find you a highly-skilled remote staff that you would like to hire within the first few months, we will refund your payment. (1 month for the 3 popular categories, 3 months for specialty roles)

All service fees, staff wages and benefits are bundled into one hourly rate that is dynamic and moves based on how strong or weak the USD is to the Philippine peso.

You’re on a month-to-month auto-renewal contract.

Want to work with your remote team directly? You can buy out your staff after 12 months for USD $2,500 per staff.

Offshore Staffing Philippines

Our Founder Story

The “why” behind our “how”

Chris J Dec photoshoot-1069 (1)


Jankulovski is introduced to the culture of the Filipino workforce.

Chris Jankulovski, having just survived a major brain and kidney operation, decided to take a year off to travel the world and heal. He visited a friend in the Philippines and had a chance to work with a Filipino team. Chris was impressed with the Filipinos’ strong grasp of English language and work ethics. (He also fell in love with a Filipina and is now happily married with 2 half-Filipino sons).

Chris J Dec photoshoot-418


RemoteStaff was founded.

Chris went back to Sydney after a year of travel and started working as a marketing consultant for a wealth creation company. Here, he started hiring Filipino staff to help with SEO and Telemarketing. Eventually, his friends and other people in his network started asking Chris to refer Filipino staff.

It became clear to Chris back in 2007 that remote working is the future of work and that hiring Filipinos to work remotely is an advantage because of

  • The high number of skilled Filipino professionals
  • Relatively low labor and living costs
  • Culturally adaptive English speaking Filipino workforce.
Chris J Dec photoshoot-713


Jankulovski pledges to employ 1,000s of Filipinos.

Chris needed to remove his remaining tumors from his left kidney. He resigned from his marketing consulting job to undergo another risky operation and pledged to employ thousands of Filipinos via Remote Staff if given another chance at life.

Chris J Dec photoshoot-751


RemoteStaff has helped 8,000 remote work relationships and counting!

To date, RemoteStaff has fostered and supported more than 8,000 remote work relationships between Filipinos and employers in Australia and the US.

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Offshore Staffing Philippines
Offshore Staffing Philippines