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We’ll help you find a highly qualified and dedicated Philippines virtual assistant with varying degrees of expertise and experience as a filipino virtual assistant.

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virtual assistant Philippines
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Need an extra hand?

Our meticulous and specialized recruitment process ensures you’ll find a remote virtual assistant that fits your
behavioral, skill set, experience and career needs.
Filipino virtual assistants can help in so many ways, so you can focus on running and scaling your organization.

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Inbox Management
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Social media content
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Online Customer Support
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Managing calendars, appointments and emails
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Preparing reports
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Personal tasks
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Simple digital marketing tasks
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Writing internal company communications
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Working with you to drive new projects and initiatives

Highly Qualified & Trusted Virtual Assistant

Offshore Staffing Philippines

Virtual Assistance

Accounting Assistants
Executive Assistants
Marketing Assistants
Personal Assistants
Technical Assistants
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Scale your business, effortlessly.

Whether you’re a small business owner or an executive at a large corporation (or anything in between), you can do BIG things with a remote VA.

An extension of your in house team

Help free up your staff for revenue-generating activities and higher level work by giving them the support they need to succeed.

virtual assistant Philippines

Filipino VAs work during US business hours allowing optimal collaboration

Take back your time and energy so you can scale your business

No more recruitment and onboarding headaches

Enjoy a seamless integration with your team

Finally, a virtual assistant that cares as much as you do.

Managing a business is hard enough. Remote Staff can help you take a load off.


Optimize your processes and staff to more revenue-minded and strategic activities


Find a VA to help you grow via shared company vision, values, & direction


We have star performers for every specialty role and size business


Generate increased revenue with supportive remote employees


Optimize processes to streamline your business


Skyrocket your revenue with specialized support


Work with someone who just gets it. 

Offshore Staffing Philippines

We’re on a mission to make an impact.

Since pledging to help employ thousands of people back in 2007, we’ve worked hard to help businesses and Filipino talent to not only achieve success together, but establish lasting and rewarding work relationships. We’re proud to say that over the last 15 years, we’ve helped thousands of employers grow their companies and provided secure employment for over 8,000 Filipino workers.

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Remote Staff makes it possible.

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